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World antimony market

Update:2011-04-22 11:12:24  Source:AntimonyNet  Author:violin Return

European market participants reported that the antimony market calmed down recently as MB price for antimony ingot 99.65%min decreased by USD500t on last Friday. Presently less consumers make purchase.

Demand and prices remain steady in the US antimony metal market despite recently softer offers in China. Market participants speculate a late second quarter price growth as limited material availability is anticipated. Prices for antimony metal 99.65%min in the US market have kept at USD8.0-8.2lb; no change for the past three weeks. Increases are likely in the medium-term as Chinese antimony production is not likely to grow this quarter.

Despite slightly softer offers in China, the US antimony trioxide market has shown no signs of a price decrease. Domestic demand keeps light as most consumers remain hesitant to pay the current steep prices, and only purchase material when absolutely necessary. Prices for antimony trioxide 99.5%min in the US market have kept at USD7.0-7.15lb since late March. In the short-term prices are expected to remain steady with a possible decrease, however, increases are still anticipated in the latter part of Q2 as Chinese production should keep behind demand due to limited availability of antimony concentrate.

Demand remains firm in the Bolivian antimony concentrate market as international metal producers focus on the South American nation for material. As China continues to report limited concentrate availability, the Bolivian market comes front and center as a likely supplier for the minor metal. The price for antimony concentrate 60%min in the Bolivian market hovers around USD8,800-92,00t FOB Chile as it has for the past several weeks.

This week Russian antimony trioxide market remains quiet as consumers are reluctant to purchase. Insiders believed that the price of antimony trioxide 99.5%min was likely to stabilize at RUB450-460kg USD16,071-16,428t, unchanged from that of last week.





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