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Global Antimony Market Summary: All Depressed

Update:2012-06-08 10:17:17  Source:AntimonyNet  Author:Miranda Return

European Antimony Ingot Price Falls Marginally

The European antimony ingot price sees marginal falls on lacklustre demand and lower offering prices from Chinese suppliers. Local sources expect prices to drift further in the coming weeks as protracted weak demand, and even lower Chinese offering prices, will continue to weigh on prices. For the time being, consumers continue to adopt strict hand-to-mouth purchasing strategies with most procuring material for immediate use only. The mainstream European antimony ingot 99.65%min price is hovering around USD14,050-14,350t in warehouse Rotterdam, a drop of USD50t.

Russian Antimony Trioxide Demand Keeps Sluggish

Russian antimony trioxide demand keeps sluggish with sporadic deals. Sources reported that prices hold at RUB460-470kg USD14,375-14,688t for antimony trioxide99.5%min in spot market and future values for spot materials may increase slightly due to ruble depreciation with unchanged deals.

Japanese Antimony Trioxide Price Declines

Antimony trioxide price performs downward trend this week in Japan. Market participants attribute the price decline to gloomy local economic situation. A distributor based in Japan reported that Japan is suffering from serious trade deficit, and the whole economic environment is inactive.

Mexican Antimony Metal Figures Keep Level, Demand Weakens

Movement for Mexican antimony metal remains sluggish as little-to-no new business has been experienced since mid-May, sources reported to Asian Metal. Market participants agree that no alleviation in bookings should be seen in the near-to-mid-term as consumers are likely to further curb intake during the slower summer months. The Mexican price for antimony metal 99.65%min continues to hover at USD14,200-14,700t as it has for the past few weeks. Further depreciation is possible should demand dip further throughout the typically soft beginning to Q3.

US Antimony Metal Offers Stable, Demand Sluggish

Little alleviation has been seen on the sales front as spot movement for antimony metal in the US market keeps lackluster, sources indicated to Asian Metal. Demand is anticipated to remain lackluster into Q3 as activity enters the typical summer lull augmented by growing concern over the fiscal distress in Europe, and how the downward pressure will affect the domestic market. Prices for antimony metal 99.65%min in the US market keep unaltered at USD6.00-6.20lb; indicating no variation over since the early portion of Q2.

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