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    About AntimonyNet:, a professional website, was set up in 2007,which provides information about non-ferrous metals.Currently,the information is mainly about metals like antimony,cobalt,copper,lead,etc. (Including market information about antimony,cobalt,copper,lead,zinc,tin,nickel,etc.) We'll continuously help to improve the transparence and business efficiency in metal and mineral market globally with all-time news,evaluation service,market analysis,business cooperation and further promote and help global metal resources to develop healthily.

A)Antimony Net has members in many different countries and regions like South-east Asia,South and North America,East and West Europe,where there're international enterprises we're serving.We also have members distributed along coasts in Guangxi,Hunan,Yunnan,Guizhou,East,North and North-east China.

B)Antimony Net gathered a large number of professional staff engaged in metal production and management,mineral transaction and trading collaboration,and investigators of market information.Our team is more absorbed and professional,in which everyone at relevant post has more than three years' experience.We have information exchange about metal prices,news,market situations with many international enterprises and authorities.And meanwhile, we have part-time reporters distributed around the world,which enables our information to reflect the market trends timely and correctly,and to get the information for you quicklier than others.

C)To deal with the great changes in international metal market and develop together with the international metal industry,we'll discuss deeply the enterprises-focused questions like international situational change,enterprises' strategy when facing emergency,enterprises' rebuilding,sustainable development,etc.We'll also extend the scope of our service on the existing base to improve the quality of it .

D)Our objective is : transfer the valuable information to the costumers at the first time with our best profession,the fastest refurbishing speed and the most effective way. Continuously enrich and improve the content of the website and try every possible means to meet the demands of customers of all kinds.

It's tough and difficult in metal industry,and your company still has a long-term and arduous task to fulfill.Let's walk forward hand by hand ,with Antimony Net and your prosperity closely interconnected. Let's make a joint effort and a common progress!

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